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rstevens is the nerd who draws Diesel Sweeties, helps operate the Dumbrella boards and needs a personal site to share his other comics. Here it is. Content is from 2011 archived pages. Even though rstevens let the domain's registration expire I bought it and am recreating some of the content from the site's 2003-2004 archived pages. 

Now some folks really enjoy the Stevens sketchy WINK character and comic strips. I can't say my Mom is among them. Last week she called about looking for some fashionable dog beds online. She was overwhelmed with the number of site's and the different choices that were available. In my mind I could easily visualize Wink talking to my Mom about dog beds. Unfortunately I couldn't share that vision with my Mom. Her reaction would most likely be" Stop trivializing my predicament and offer a solution." The woman has no sense of humor. So instead I started asking questions about the type of dog bed she imagined Sam, her dog, would like. Well she wanted a round dog bed with an upscale look to it. Ideally she wanted a Toille for the fabric design. So I suggested she do a search for round dog beds with designer fabrics. She ultimately did find what she was looking for at an e commerce site called GoodNightDog. Meanwhile I went back to looking at myriad comic strips- wasting my time - as my mother would say.

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Who Is Richard Stevens

Richard Stevens, often known by his online moniker "rstevens," is a prominent figure in the world of webcomics, especially known for his work on "Diesel Sweeties." His career in webcomics dates back to the early 2000s, and he has since become a notable presence in this artistic domain.

Diesal  Sweeties Cartoon

Stevens' most famous creation, "Diesel Sweeties," began as a webcomic in 2000 and quickly garnered a significant following. The comic is known for its unique blend of characters, including a robot and a retired porn star, and is celebrated for its use of cultural stereotypes, pop culture references, kittens, and puns. Stevens’ work is characterized by its sharp wit and distinctive design, often drawing on his love of technology. This is evident in the video game style of "Diesel Sweeties," which plays up Stevens' fascination with tech culture.

Apart from "Diesel Sweeties," Stevens has been involved in various other projects. He co-founded the Dumbrella comic network, a collective of independent webcomic creators, and has experimented with different comic styles and characters. One of his notable side projects includes the character Wink Hauntlie, which started as a Halloween t-shirt design and evolved into a comic strip character.

Stevens' approach to distribution has been innovative. In 2008, he released the entire archive of "Diesel Sweeties" under a Creative Commons license, making it freely available to fans and new readers alike. This decision was driven by his desire to make his work more accessible and to engage with his audience in a more open and inclusive manner.

Throughout his career, Stevens has been a vocal advocate for the webcomic medium, often discussing the differences between web-based and print-based comics. He emphasizes the immediate and interactive nature of webcomics, as opposed to the traditional print medium. His insights into the world of webcomics offer valuable perspectives on the evolving landscape of digital art and storytelling.

In summary, Richard Stevens stands out as a pioneering artist in the realm of webcomics. His work not only entertains but also pushes the boundaries of digital art, making him a significant figure in the online artistic community.

Innovative Approach to Webcomics:

  • Stevens’ "Diesel Sweeties" is a testament to his ability to blend unconventional themes with a unique art style. The comic, which started as a webcomic, explores the relationship between a robot and a retired porn star, utilizing a pixelated, video game-esque art style. This approach is reflective of Stevens' deep interest in technology and pop culture.
  • His work on "Diesel Sweeties" has been recognized for its sharp wit and ability to play with cultural stereotypes and themes in a humorous and insightful manner.

Creative Commons and Open Access:

  • In a move that reflects his forward-thinking approach to art and its dissemination, Stevens released the entire archive of "Diesel Sweeties" under a Creative Commons license in 2008. This decision opened up his work for wider public access and usage, allowing new audiences to engage with his art. It represents a progressive choice in the digital art world, emphasizing the importance of accessibility and community engagement in art.

Expanding Beyond Diesel Sweeties:

  • Stevens' creative pursuits extend beyond "Diesel Sweeties." He co-founded Dumbrella, an association of independent webcomic creators, fostering a community of artists who share a similar passion for web-based storytelling.
  • His character Wink Hauntlie, which began as a Halloween-themed design, showcases Stevens' versatility and ability to create compelling characters that resonate with audiences. Wink Hauntlie's evolution into a comic strip character further demonstrates Stevens' skill in diverse artistic expressions.

Advocacy for the Webcomic Medium:

  • Stevens is a strong advocate for webcomics, often discussing the advantages of the digital medium over traditional print. He highlights the interactive and immediate nature of webcomics, which allows for a more dynamic relationship between the artist and the audience.
  • His insights into the differences between web-based and print-based comics provide valuable perspectives on the evolving dynamics of storytelling and art in the digital age.

Legacy and Influence:

  • Richard Stevens' contributions to the world of webcomics have left an indelible mark on the digital art landscape. His innovative approach to storytelling, commitment to accessibility, and advocacy for the webcomic medium have inspired a generation of digital artists and storytellers.
  • As the digital art world continues to evolve, Stevens' work remains a significant point of reference for artists exploring new ways to engage with audiences and push the boundaries of digital storytelling.

Richard Stevens stands as a pivotal figure in the webcomic community, blending creativity, innovation, and advocacy to forge a unique path in the digital art world. His work, particularly "Diesel Sweeties," continues to be a source of inspiration and enjoyment for a diverse audience.


Comics and Commentary from RS3: Autumn 2003

Links are orange for festive reasons which become more evident as October approaches.

Wink Hauntlie Meets SPUMMY

In the final Wink comic of this holiday season, our hero meets the nefarious SPUMMY. This is my first time publically drawing Spummy... but he has appeared in Wigu, Goats & Sluggy Freelance already.

Wink Hauntlie: LOL Squad!

AOL + Ghouls = Some crazy kind of magic. Or maybe some kind of dancing taco. Any requests for next week's Wink? I was debating introducing him to a special mummy friend.

Wink Hauntlie's Midnight Snack

This week, Wink stuffs a bunch of things into his mouth. Join us next week when it's part of a person! (Maybe even a dead person.) This marks three weekly adventures for our spooky protagonist.

Desktop Lovin'

I've got two Wink Hauntlie dekstops for ya'll: #1 and #2. Both are 1024x768, butyou can just set them to be centered and they'll fit most any size screen. I just sketched out a new strip for next week. I also eat a lot of Twix bars.

Has anyone been to Target lately and seen their Halloween junk? They've got some insanely cute little monster characters all over the store. I just grabbed a ghost oven mitt and a mummy dish soap (or lotion if you're gross) dispenser. If you work in Target's design department you have my highest regard.

Wink Hauntlie: Ghost About Town #2

Wink returns! Meet Mrs. Sol Hauntlie, Ghost Mom. I'd love to hear what you think about Wink. He's an experiment that I'm having a lot of fun with. Doing actual drawings is really freeing.

Wink Hauntlie: Ghost About Town #1

Wink started out as a Halloween t-shirt design and quickly took hold of my imagination as the world's most charming homosexual ghost. Episode 2 should post some time on Tuesday.

Wink's adventures are drawn in black colored pencil on rough white copy paper. I create the chalk effect using special tricks taught to me by Tibetan monks.


Just a little tribute to Steven Cloud's Boy on a Stick and Slither, one of my favorite comics.